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about us

Maksim and Anna

Creative duo.

Ceramic artists, engineers.

We create paintings from the author's handmade ceramic mosaics. We work with unfired clay. and projects that combine ceramics and augmented reality (AR).


Each piece of the picture is created entirely by hand and carries a part of the warmth and soul.

We find our inspiration in the surrounding nature and believe that clay itself is a work of art of nature, and we can show this beauty by giving it a form.

When creating our works, we use only living clay.

The particles covered with glaze, shine and take on different shades and reflections of the surrounding world, allowing a person to dream.


In our works, we talk about the value of the human personality, individuality, its versatility, life paths, things that bring us happiness.

A separate line in our work belongs to the uniqueness and beauty of nature, the power of natural phenomena, which we interpret in the modern Russian style.

Our latest collection is dedicated to the mysteries of geometric symbols that surround us every day. About how these symbols are interconnected and affect our lives.